Ganni x Submission Beauty Glitter Is Biodegradable and Majorly Cool

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Ganni x Submission Beauty Glitter Is Biodegradable and Majorly Cool

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When I say I’m a #GanniGirl, I mean, I’m a Ganni GIRL. I’m a huge fan of the Danish’s brands unique take on Scandinavian style. I’m also a beauty girl so when I found out Ganni was coming out with a makeup collaboration, I just about lost my mind. Well, say hello to Ganni x Submission Beauty. The two brands teamed up on biodegradable glitter in three shades so you can level up your sparkle game while being kind to the planet.

“Submission’s universe is so full of expression and color just like Ganni’s and I couldn’t be happier that our first beauty collaboration is with them,” said Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni, in a statement. “We came up with these super fun colors that are all about giving people a way to express themselves and go a little crazy. We share the same vision for our industries. Working with old friends feels amazing and I can’t wait to introduce the glitter to our community.”

submission Ganni.


“We’re thrilled to be the first-ever brand to collaborate with Ganni on a beauty launch, and even more proud that together, Submission and Ganni are empowering the growing shift towards sustainability and responsible luxury in beauty and fashion,” added Zenia Jaeger, Founder, Submission Beauty. “Our collaboration with Ganni turns wasteful, toxic traditional glitter on its head, providing a plant-based, biodegradable alternative to microplastic glitter that offers all the flash and fun of the original, with none of the harm to the human body and our ecosystem.”

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Why is biodegradable glitter so important? Well, traditional glitter is made from microplastics, which are said to release chemicals when broken down that are harmful to humans and animals and can possibly even disrupt human and animal hormones. Submission Beauty’s glitter is made from plant-derived materials such as cellulose from eucalyptus trees.

submission Ganni


As a #GanniGirl and glitter fan, this collab makes so much sense. Ganni is a B-corp organization that continues to work towards sustainability. It wouldn’t just collaborate with any makeup brand. Plus, Ganni’s funky prints and interesting silhouettes make it a match made in heaven. Grab all three shades on the Ganni website now before they’re gone for good.

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