Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Shampoo is An $25 Must For Blondes

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Shampoo is An $25 Must For Blondes

Hollywood is never short on newlywed couples, yet we still find joy in knowing anything and everything about Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin. To be fair, that “we’re still figuring it out and want you to know” vibe is downright adorable. Plus, they’ve been surprisingly open about well, everything, so how could we resist?  We love getting the inside scoop, even if it’s something as small as the beauty products they share (and which ones are off limits).

If you’ve ever lived with someone, we can guarantee there was a time (or two) when you used shampoo or shaving cream that wasn’t yours.  We get it. It’s conveniently sitting on the side of the tub and your roomie probably didn’t mind anyway. Well apparently, this type of sharing reaches new levels once you’re married.

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Courtesy of Unite.

Unite Hair Blonda Purple Shampoo

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Baldwin shared her newlywed version of this scenario revealing the one product she shares with her new hubby. “My husband, Justin, and I actually share the same Unite shampoo in our shower.” And since the pair have similar blonde-bleached strands, it’s safe to assume they opt for the haircare brand’s BLONDA Toning Shampoo
($11) for staying brass-free.

As for the must-haves that are off limits, Baldwin quickly followed their shared hair cleanser with the one thing product she keeps to herself. “We definitely don’t share skin care, though!” she says. “I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm that’s formulated with my blood, so I don’t think he wants to put something that was made from my body on himself.” Understandably so.

Since it’s only been a few months since the Hollywood pair tied the knot, we expect plenty more beauty secrets to be inexplicably obsessed with. Only time will tell. You can head to Amazon now to grab this shampoo
now—it’s actually on sale for 40% off, but only if you’re a Prime member. Sign up for an Amazon Prime membership here.

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