TikTok-Viral Saie Mascara 101: Shoppers Love This Volumizing Makeup

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TikTok-Viral Saie Mascara 101: Shoppers Love This Volumizing Makeup

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There are a few things that stop me in my tracks when I’m on the hunt for a new beauty essential: rave reviews, clean ingredients and a price point that actually agrees with my wallet. Lucky for me (and for you, since I’m spilling the beans), I found a mascara that checks all of those boxes—and then some. The Saie Mascara 101 is everything you could possibly want in a lash-lengthening product. It volumizes, moisturizes and strengthens your hair all the while making it look bolder and better.

I should’ve expected this from Saie. The brand is known and loved by TikTok beauty experts and novices alike for its revolutionary products like the Glowy Super Gel and Hydrabeam concealer, and this mascara seems to be just as good. Case in point: Users’ husbands are noticing a difference in their lashes. That’s right. Husbands are noticing makeup.

I didn’t think this was possible until I read a review and had to do a triple-take.

“My husband actually noticed it, and said, ‘Are you wearing fake lashes?’ Because they were that voluminous,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I was a little hesitant before buying it, but let me tell you, this gives the best length and volume of any clean mascara I have ever used.”

Wow. Points to the husbands for not only noticing some gorg lashes, but also for knowing what flase lashes are. A true icon.

Saie Mascara 101

Courtesy of Saie.

The secret to this volumizing mascara is its ingredients: organic beeswax, shea butter and arginine amino acid combine to create a supremely enriching-yet-buildable formula that helps build healthy and long lashes. It lengthens, strengthens and conditions so that lashes are bigger and bolder while still maintaining a natural curve and elasticity to them. Nobody likes chunky and stiff lashes.

This is, by far, my favorite clean mascara I’ve tried that also adds long-lasting volume and length without feeling like I have to apply a whole bunch of it,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I highly recommend!”

What’s more: the mascara stays put for hours on end. You’ll be able to swipe it on in the morning without worrying about it smudging off by the time lunch comes around.

One reviewer wrote that they experienced “no clumping at all, and stunning length without flaking onto the skin” even when they wore it for “more than 12 hours.”

There you have it—your new favorite mascara has been found and it’s waiting for you and your lashes to test it out.

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